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Be a revolutionary

Do you think that revolutionaries only existed back in the deep history of America, say around the year 1776? Does the term bring to mind unruly men wearing tricorn hats and upsetting the tea cart into the harbor?

Perhaps you feel they are now found exclusively, only in exotic, distant lands, like Egypt? Brave citizens courageously fighting against the odds to foster human dignity and freedom. Maybe sadly, you are of the opinion that revolutionaries no longer exist and no one is the champion of freedom? Well that's not quite so…

You, mister (yes, you) can be a revolutionary!

When you buy Fly-Free Jeans, you directly support your fellow Americans. These jeans are designed, prototyped, patterned, patent pending and manufactured, in the U.S.A under United States labor laws. Vote with your dollar.

Keeping America working to bring you the absolute best jeans! Fly-Free Jeans.