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Since You Asked

Q. How long does it take me to get them?
A. We attempt to ship all jeans that are in stock by the next business day. Depending on where you live, they should arrive in 2 to 3 business days after shipping. If there will be any delay we will contact you. We do not charge your card until shipment.

Q. Can I track my order?
A. Yes, when we ship we will email you a confirmation including a tracking number; you can go to the site and watch the progress of your shipment.

Q. I need it right now! Can you rush them to me?
A. Contact us; we will do everything possible to get them to you when you need them.

Q. Is this a new design?
A. Yes… and No. Yes, it is a new patent pending design. However, like all new designs it got its inspiration from previous designs. Actually, pants of a design somewhat similar were the ONLY kind of pants worn by most men in the 17th and 18th centuries. These pants were known as broadfall pants. Just like our design, broadfall pants offered uncompromised ease of movement and comfort. But they required precise tailoring experience and were expensive to make. With the introduction of the cheaper French fly many of the benefits of broadfall pants were lost … until now. As the French say: "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" - The more things change the more they stay the same.

Q. Does this design allow me to whiz without dropping trow?
A. Yes. As indelicate as it may be to discuss this, there are many practical benefits to the male experience men can and do enjoy while wearing Fly-Free Jeans. For example, writing your name in the snow has never been better. With the assistance of friendly companionship or some experimentation you may be able to conjure up innovative new uses.

Q. Fly-Free Jeans are amazing, why don't they cost me more?
A. Okay, okay, we planted that question… But, you might enjoy knowing that jeans of this quality made in the USA regularly retail for over twice as much. We have a century of manufacturing experience, a very streamlined distribution system, own our office/warehouse building and work consistently to bring you the utmost money can buy.

Q. If I go to the produce market and buy two plums and a banana, is it ok to bring them home in one of those small cheap thin plastic bags?
A. Yes, sometimes a man has to do what he has to do and unfortunately at some stores those are the only type of grocery bags offered. However, that kind of cheap bag may not be your best choice because you may experience a sense of vulnerability and spend some time worrying about your tender produce. We would suggest a sturdy properly sized paper bag which would make your shopping trip more enjoyable and lessen the chance that you will arrive home with a smashed plum or a bruised banana.

Q. What does the question above have to do with jeans?
A. If you are unsure, try on a different brand's tight or ill-fitting jeans, you'll figure it out fast.

Q. Where do you make my jeans?
A. Our office and warehouse building is in Seattle. We make Fly-Free Jeans in California under United State labor laws.

Q. I'm curious and I'm excited. So…what's the first time like?
A. Good question. Every man has either eager anticipation or vivid memories of their first time. The first time you wear Fly-Free Jeans you may have feelings of ease, comfort and confidence, some men say they have never felt better. You could call it the "Fly-Free Feeling". Every man reacts differently, but we can guarantee that once you wear these jeans you will want to wear them all the time, or at least 2 or 3 times a week.

Q. If I wear Fly-Free Jeans will I be dangerously irresistible?
A. This might be your best shot at it. As giddy and cheering as this newfound power over your tender admirers may be, attempt to remain gentlemanly and do keep in mind the advice of Austin Powers when he says… "Oh… Behave!"

Q. I have a question that was not answered here, what do I do?
A. Contact us; it's important to us that you are very happy with your Fly-Free Jeans and we do enjoy hearing from you.

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