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Fly-Free Jeans

Got you Covered (since 1909)

The Martin family which brings you Fly-Free Jeans has been involved in wholesale menswear for over five generations:

Albert Harry Martin started Martin Stores Corporation in 1910, in Grand Rapids Michigan. An innovative business man described as a "loyal and liberal citizen" Albert quickly grew the business into one with "Michigan's largest stock of workingman's clothes," From there the company grew to over 40 stores and sold a large percentage of the clothes worn by men in the Midwest of the United States.

Here's some copy from an early corporate advertisement…

"We make a real effort to supply every need of the workingman, and undoubtedly carry the largest stock of this kind in the state. And, furthermore, our prices are based on a forty-one-store buying power and quick cash turnover, which gives you the utmost money can buy."

Albert H. Martin 2nd with Nancy F. McLane Martin, uphold the tradition of giving you the "utmost money can buy" by bringing you Fly-Free Jeans, still designed, tailored and manufactured to the absolute highest standards. The Martin family name continues to be your guarantee of clothing with style, durability and comfort.

But, enough about us. What does all this mean? You can relax. We've covered your ass for over 101 years and we're not about to let you down now!

Albert at Mt Rainier

Here's Albert H. Martin II testing Fly-Free Jeans on a camping trip at Mt Rainer. (He walked out to that log to avoid a brown bear that was eating huckleberries right around the bend.)